Kids Workout
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Kids Workout


kids 10           

Skip for a few minutes to warm up. Make sure there is enough space for you to skip; you can do these exercises either indoors or outdoors – why not take your Resist&Skip Rope to school and have fun with your friends at break-time?


You can also download these exercises and print out a copy.



Single/Double Arm Squat and Press

kids 1

Keep feet hip width apart, hands over shoulder height holding the handles of the rope. As you stand up, extend one arm overhead. Advanced Option: Extend both arms over your head.


Dynamic Forward Stepping Lunge

kids 2

Place the rope around your back and hold the handles at chest heigh. Take a step forward with your right leg and let your left knee bend towards the floor. Repeat with the opposite leg. Advanced Option: Step forward as above, but extend your left arm as you step.


Seated Row

kids 3

Sit on the floor with the rope wrapped securely around your feet. Keeping your elbows close to your body, pull your hands towards your ribs, making sure you sit upright at all times.


Double Crunch

kids 4

Lie on your back and lift your knees above your hips. With the rope wrapped securely around your feet, bring your hands to your temples. Lift your shoulders slightly and as you bring one knee a little closer to your chest, you twist your opposite shoulder towards that knee.


Press Up

kids 5

Place the rope around your back at about shoulder height. Hold the handles on the floor with your hands wider than your shoulders. Complete your press up on your knees.


Side Raisers

kids 6

Stand with both feet on the rope and feet about hip width apart. Cross the rope over to make a cross shape and hold handles. Lift your arms out to the side stopping at chest height. Lower slowly and repeat.


Tricep Extension

kids 7

Put the rope under your feet and keep your feet hip width apart. Holding on to the handles, place your hands behind your head and elbows to the ceiling. Raise your arms above your head and slowly lower.


Mountain Climbers

kids 8

Wrap the rope securely around your feet. Face the ground and hold the handles  against the floor, keeping your hands directly below your shoulders. Start with one leg stretched out as far back as you can go and one knee bent towards the chest. With a little ‘jump’ switch feet so they change position. Keep your back straight.


Core Walkers

kids 9

Stand on your rope and cross the handles over so you make an X with the rope. Walk your feet out one step wider on each side and then back again. This will feel like a penguin waddle. Keep your body upright and avoid leaning forwards. You can also try going forwards and backwards.





 Seated Row


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