Adult Workout
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Adult Workout

We believe that fitness should be fun but we also believe that you should be able to do exercise any time and any where.

That’s why we have designed this completely original and unique idea of combining a skipping rope with a resistance band.

We are passionate about what we do and the results from using this simple piece of equipment are amazing.  On this page you will find a workout that we have put together to get you going. You can also download a pdf of the workout.

There is no other product like this on the market; cardio, toning, strengthening and improved co-ordination and agility all in one small package!

Stretch your muscles to warm up and then skip with the Resist&Skip Rope for 4-5 minutes.

Skip continually for your chosen amount of time.  As you improve, lengthen the amount of time you skip.



The Squat and Overhead Press

exercise1 500

This will tone the legs, core and shoulders. Put your feet hip width apart with the Resist&Skip Rope under your feet. Hold on to the handles and bring your hand to shoulder height, bend your knees in to the squat position. Stand out of squat and push your arms above your head. Keep the elbows soft.

The Static Lunge and Bicep Curl

exercise2 500

This will tone the legs, glutes and biceps. Put the Resist&Skip Rope under your front foot with your back heel lifted.  Put your hands by your side whilst holding the handles.  Keep your palms upwards. Bend both knees equally whilst pulling palms towards shoulders, keeping elbows in a fixed position.

The Bent Over Row

exercise3 500

This will tone the upper back, rear deltoid and core. Feet should be hip width apart. Hold on to the Resist&Skip Rope ensuring that the rope makes a cross shape in front of you. Palms facing backwards and hands at hip height. Bend the knees, tip forwards at the hip and draw the elbows backwards until your shoulders pinch.

The Single Arm Pull Down

exercise4 500

This will tone the upper back, legs and core. Double up the Resist&Skip Rope in your hands and raise arms above your head. Draw the elbow of one arm down towards the rib. Side lunge in the opposite direction to moving arm. Advanced Workout: Side lunge in the opposite direction to the moving arm.

The Press Up

exercise5 500

This will tone the chest, shoulders and abs. Double the Resist&Skip Rope and hold it across your upper back, holding on to the rope in each hand.  Put the hands on the floor, chest over hands and knees down. Press up on the knees or the toes to complete the press up.

The Chest Flye and Alternating Lunge

exercise6 500

This will tone the chest, shoulders, legs and core. Double theResist&Skip Rope behind your back towards the bottom of your shoulder blades. Hands wide at chest height and feet hip width apart. Keeping the arms long, bring the hands together in front of the chest.  For amore advanced option add an alternating lunge.

The Side Raise with Squat

exercise7 500

This will tone the legs and the shoulders. Keep feet hip width apart standing on the Resist&Skip Rope and drop in to a squat crossing the rope in front of you.  As you straighten your legs bring both arms out to the side at shoulder height.

The Tricep Extension

exercise8 500

This will tone the shoulders, triceps and upper back. Put the Resist&Skip Rope under your feet and feet at hip width apart. Holding on to the rope, place hands behind the head, elbows to ceiling. Raise the arms above your head.

The Superman

exercise9 500

This will tone the core and back. Kneel on the floor. Make a U shape with the Resist&Skip Rope while you hold the handles. Put one foot in the U bend and extend the leg in and out. For a more advanced option extend the opposite arm at the same time.  For stability draw your navel in to your spine to keep the back straight and stable.

The Twist Crunch

exercise10 500

This will tone the obliques and core. Lie on your back. Put your feet in the Resist&Skip Rope and hold the handles. Keep the shoulders off the floor and the elbows wide. Keep hands next to your temples and twist whilst extending the opposite leg.

It is very important to cool down after exercise as it will decrease the risk of injuring yourself.  Here are some suggested cool down exercises. Hold each position for 60 seconds.

 cool down 1000

increase skipping

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