Setting the Length
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Setting the Length



It is important that your RESIST&SKIP® Fitness Rope is set at the correct length, for both the skipping sections & for the resistance phases of your work-outs. The advantage of the RESIST&SKIP® Fitness Rope is that once you have set your rope length you will be able to complete ALL of your RESIST&SKIP® workouts without further adjustment.

An ideal starting length is to shorten the rope so that the ends of the handles reach your armpits (see image). To shorten, slide outer sleeve of ‘wonder widgets’ downwards (away from rope end) & push the inner rope gripper in same direction. To secure, re-engage outer sleeve. Please do adjust the length in small increments as the ‘wonder-widgets’ are necessarily designed to ‘shorten’ only

It is possible to lengthen your rope again once it has been shorten:

Put the Fitness Rope underneath your foot (best if you wear trainers for this) and pull the Fitness Rope to its maximum stretch. Now the cord will be thin enough for you to pull the widget back up the rope towards the end of the rope. Be careful not to pull the widget off the end of the cord.

wonder widget


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