Medical Advice
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Medical Advice

Before starting any new exercise programme you should seek medical advice.  It is not advised that you start a new fitness programme during pregnancy.  When skipping you should keep your knees slightly bent and land on your toes/balls of your feet to prevent injury. Stop exercise immediately if you feel unwell or suffer any injury. We advise that you follow the exercises closely and build yourself up to more strenuous workouts as you improve and get fitter and stronger.  Always wear the correct footwear. Stay hydrated.  You should always warm up and cool down as part of your exercise regime.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Always find a space big enough for you and your rope
  • Always wear the correct footwear
  • Always warm up before exercising
  • Always cool down after exercising
  • Always stay hydrated, before, during and after a workout
  • Ensure your rope is the correct strength and length
  • Keep your knees soft (slightly bent) when skipping
  • Always skip on your toes or balls of your feet
  • Stop if you feel ill or are hurt
  • Have fun and get fit
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