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We believe that fitness should be fun but we also believe that you should be able to do exercise any time and anywhere.

That's why we have designed this completely original and clever fitness rope - a unique fusion of a skipping rope with a resistance band.

We are passionate about what we do and the results from using this simple piece of equipment are amazing.  If you take a look at our Exercise page you will see an adult workout and a kids' workout that we have put together to get you started. 

We have also produced a Running programme to specifically target the key muscles groups used for running and a Cricket Workout to help bowlers strengthen their rotator cuff.

There is no other product like this on the market; cardio, toning, strengthening and improved co-ordination and agility all in one small Fitness Rope!

We also believe that fitness should be for everyone; that is why the Resist&Skip Fitness Rope is affordable, versatile, easliy transportable and can be used by everyone of all ages.

The exercise programmes have been designed by Hilary and Louise, who are fully qualified and highly experienced fitness insturctors who have worked with adults and children for many years. They have compiled some exercise programmes to show you how to use your Resist&Skip Fitness Rope correctly whilst getting the most from your rope!

Our Fitness Ropes are built to last. They are made from high quality materials right here in the UK. We don't buy cheap imports because we want you to keep your rope for years to come and use the best product on the market.



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